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Help us achieve our 500th Dream

We only have 8 more dreams to achieve this milestone. It  would be amazing if we could reach our 500th Dream and bring some joy and put smiles on vulnerable children’s faces who might be still isolating or spending time in hospital away from family and friends.

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5k run raises money for Jacob’s Dream

A big WELL DONE to the wonderful Emerson Park Academy lads who today ran 5k and raised over £2500, granting the dream of five-year old Jacob – so he can now go to Disneyland Paris and make memories with his family.

Lads, you are truly an inspiration to us all, and it’s lovely to see kids helping kids.

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Design your own mask

Here is a wonderful colourful designed mask from Lily who took part in our fun activity Design Your Own Mask  . Lily attends Branfil Primary School in Upminster. 

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70km exercise a week!

We would like to say a massive thank you to a very inspirational young lady who has recently raised £250 for The Dream Factory.

Katie did 70km of exercise a week during lockdown in the form of running, walking and even cycling which is a fantastic achievement…

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Our latest dream fulfilled

We are so happy that we have been able to grant Declan’s dream of an Apple MacBook.  We have many more dreams pending that we really want to grant – and we are asking for your support. Please give at:

Find out more about Declan’s dream…

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A message from Murad Farhat

A dream recipient and our fabulous Ambassador Murad Farhat, sent us this wonderful message to share with you all. We urgently need your help as we try to plan new fundraising events. Watch Murad’s video message now…

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Our Volunteer Hero Amanda Galanopoulos

Our wonderful Volunteer and Trustee Amanda Galanopoulos is our very well deserved Volunteer Hero of the Week!  Amanda has been so helpful over the years and we want to share her story of with you all!

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5K run to raise money for Jacob’s dream

Ten year-9 boys are challenging themselves to run 5k to help raise money towards granting a dream for Jacob.

Jacob dreams of one day being able to go to Disneyland Paris with his family, so they can create some truly wonderful memories — and with the help of the boys who attend Emerson Park Academy in Hornchurch, Essex, Jacob’s dream could soon be a reality…

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