Our Ambassadors

These are special people who have been supporting, promoting, volunteering and fundraising for The Dream Factory and are dedicated to carrying on this good work.


Charity golf days, events and presentations and fundraising.

“So I am 22 years old from Epping! I love playing football and golf whilst going to the gym in between! I work in a sales role for a media company and enjoy working with all my colleagues…”



Dream recipient and fundraiser.

Aiden promotes The Dream Factory and stars in The Dream Factory 2015 DVD.            ” I am 15 and my dream of seeing WWW Wrestling was granted in 2011″



Dream recipient and fundraiser. Promotes The Dream Factory. Stars in the Dream Factory 2015 DVD

“Hello, I am Isaac Harvey and am 24.  My dream in 2008 was having a ride in a helicopter .  I am an     ambassador for The Dream Factory ……”


Honey regularly fundraises for The Dream Factory. Honey’s sister  Hope, who is sixteen is also a dream recipient.

Honey said she found out about The Dream Factory when they granted her sister a dream. Seeing how happy her sister was getting her dream, it started making her think about all other children with illnesses and disabilities and how she wanted to help them get a dream…

Richard Traveler


Richard appears in our latest dream factory film.

“I am Richard Traveller and I am twelve years old. My dream was swimming with the dolphins.  I have diplegic and hemiplegic cerebral palsy which means I can’t walk. I have many interests which include sport, gaming, maths, travel, food and films. I also like nature and science…”


Murad is 20 years old and he has had 30 operations and 13 biopsies. He had a kidney transplant at 9 years of age and a Mitrofanoff too.

Murad’s wish was to meet Michael Jackson, but he passed away. So instead The Dream Factory sent Murad to Thriller Live…


Archie has Merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy. He is currently leader of his school council and the school mental health ambassador.

He participates in  disability awareness courses in other local schools…



I’m Reggie and I’m 7 years old. My Mum and Dad have been supporting The Dream Factory since before I was born and my Dad has been fundraising by doing crazy marathons all over the world.

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