Holly’s Dream

Sixteen year old Holly was diagnosed with Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma. Like most sixteen  year olds Holly loves everything fashion and make up and her dream was for a VIP London Fashion Week experience.

Holly’s Mum wrote to us to describe the experience:

Wow wow wow, what an amazing time we all had for Holly’s dream.  We arrived in London at around 11am on Friday to the wonderful Pelham Hotel, the staff were so welcoming and helpful and our gorgeous rooms were ready for us. We then headed over to Harvey Nicholls where Holly had THE most AMAZING time with the Charlotte Tilbury team who spent so much time doing Hollys make up so beautifully. When she had finished her makeup she asked which products they had used so she could spend her voucher and they said no need for that and gifted her the whole Pillow Talk Collection which blew her away. It was so special and really made her smile.  We then had time to head upstairs where we all had a super lunch and I even had a glass of bubbly which just felt amazing to be doing something normal after such a long time. After lunch Holly wanted to find a dress to wear for the fashion show and she found the most perfect dress that she spent her voucher on, it was a designer one by GANNI and looked absolutely stunning on her, ready for Fashion Week.

Then it was onto NAIL’D IT which was another amazing experience, Holly chose to have a French Manicure and they spent so much time making it perfect for her.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready to head over to the V & A for the DIVAS exhibition, another total WOW from us all. We loved the exhibition and also had a good look around the V&A after and loved all the displays of history. As you can imagine we had worked up quite a hunger and were ready for a lovely dinner.

We arrived at Cantinetta Antinori and again WOW, this restaurant was amazing from the people to the food they treated us like royalty, the service was unbelievable and the food absolutely delicious and the setting was like something from a film all just so perfect, we really couldn’t believe all of this had been planned and arranged for Holly and us.

After a perfect sleep we had a delicious breakfast in the hotel and then met the wonderful Ophelia Charles who came and gave Holly the most amazing face of makeup ready to slip her dress on and head over for the show.  Ophelia was such a special person to take her time to come and do that for Holly and we are so grateful.

Next, was a taxi to the London Fashion Week Show, another WOW moment, we were sat in the front row and got to witness the most amazing designers, bloggers and models all around us.  Victoria Carson came and greeted us and we absolutely loved her collection of amazing hats, we are so thankful to her for arranging that for Holly and us too, she is definitely another special person.

On to the most amazing Afternoon Tea at the Franklin Hotel, the decor in this hotel was absolutely beautiful and the afternoon tea was certainly special for us all. All so perfectly made.

It was a whirlwind two days that we could never have put together ourselves and we are so thankful to you all for making these amazing dreams come true for so many people.   It is something that Holly will never forget and it was absolutely precious time that we as a family needed so badly.  To be able to be out doing normal things was nerve wracking but I actually think it was just what we all needed and has broken the ice to being back in the real world.

We as a family plan and hope to support The Dream Factory in the future as we can’t believe such amazing people (YOU) make such amazing things happen during the hardest times. We all can’t thank you enough, no words can describe how grateful we are.

Lots of love to you all

Holly, Jo, Lee and Harry xxxxxx

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