Our Ambassadors

These are special people who have been supporting, promoting, volunteering and fundraising for The Dream Factory and are dedicated to carrying on this good work.


Back in 2011 when I was seven The Dream Factory granted my dream to have a private party for my 8th birthday with the Skyline Gang at a Butlins Resort,  because I absolutely loved them.   The Dream Factory have been a big part of my life so I liked to give back to them because they made my dream come true so I became an Ambassador.



Remy is proud to become an Ambassador for The Dream Factory.   He  was inspired to become an Ambassador after seeing his sisters Imogen and Cerys who are also Ambassadors become involved and raise funds in their local community

Imogen and Cerys

Imogen and Cerys otherwise known as The Wing Sisters  are from Waltham Forest and love raising funds with song recitals in their local community.


Quinn who has been diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor a type of kidney cancer.  Quinn and his family have been inspired to fundraise for The Dream Factory by holding a Movember challenge which raised over £15,000


My name is Isaiah Wafula . I am nine years old and  I live in Hastings .

I love sports mostly football and kickboxing . I also love music a lot, we all do in our family,  my Auntie Anne (Paralympian Anne Wafula-Strike)  plays the  piano.   I  rap and do some DJing   otherwise known as  Dj EMboko .

I like what The  Dream Factory does, which is  making children and young people who are not well  be able to enjoy, have fun, laugh and dream.

I am so happy to be an Ambassador for The  Dream Factory. I look forward to participating and helping The Dream Factory  grant  more dreams and fun for more and more children and young people.

My Dad and I  were able to come up with a song for the Kids helping  Kids campaign, which will be soon be available.    I hope you enjoy it.


Hope’s Dream was to visit Disneyland Paris which we granted in 2017.

When her Grandad John told Hope, who is now eight ,  that we had asked her to be an Ambassador  she said yes with a big smile .

She is looking forward to supporting The Dream Factory together  with her family


Jacob  has HIE Grade 3 brain damage to the Pallidus, Basal Ganglia, Grey Matter and Optical Lobe. Unfortunately his Dream of visiting Disneyland Paris with his family has had to be delayed due to COVID-19.

Jacob was inspired to become an Ambassador after coming to our Christmas party for Dream children.

He enjoys fundraising and has taken part in the 2.6 challenge by riding his bike 2.6 miles. Well done Jacob!


Hi I’m Lydia and  and I’m excited to be part of The Dream Factory Young Ambassadors team.

My dream was to go to EuroDisney, which the Dream Factory granted in 2012. I went with my mum, dad and little sister Poppy.

I’m looking forward to supporting The Dream Factory, raise awareness and raise money for them to grant dreams like they did for my family.


I’m Reggie and  My Mum and Dad have been supporting The Dream Factory since before I was born and my Dad has been fundraising by doing crazy marathons all over the world.

Avril invited me to one of the parties and I was amazed to see all the children so happy and enjoying themselves. This made me want to help Avril raise more money so she could keep making children happy.

I ran my first ever 5k race this year and I raised £314 for The Dream Factory. I’m looking forward to helping Avril at more events.


“I am Richard Traveller and  I have diplegic and hemiplegic cerebral palsy which means I can’t walk. I have many interests which include sport, gaming, maths, travel, food and films. I also like nature and science. I like school and am looking forward to starting high school.

“My dream was to swim with dolphins. I was sent to Portugal where I visited Zoomarine and got to swim and play with the Dolphins. I had never flown before so that was exciting too. The Dream Factory is very special because it helps people like me to have a happy life. Since my first flight to Portugal, I know I am now able to fly to anywhere that I wish to now which makes me really happy. The Dream Factory has opened up the whole world to me now.

“The Dream Factory uses money that has been fundraised to help change the lives of sick and disabled children and I was one of those that was helped. I now help to raise awareness of what this fantastic charity does and how it helps to change the lives of children.”

Richard appears in our latest Dream Factory film.


Archie has Merosin-deficient congenital muscular dystrophy.

He is currently leader of his school council and the school mental health ambassador. He participates in  disability awareness courses in other local schools.

He’s very chatty and good at listening. He enjoys being with other people.


Murad  has had thirty operations and thirteen biopsies. He had a kidney transplant at nine years of age and a Mitrofanoff.

Murad’s dream was to meet Michael Jackson. Instead, The Dream Factory sent him to Thriller Live. He went on stage to meet the cast and went to Rainforest Café for the day. He had, he says, a wonderful time.


Honey regularly fundraises for The Dream Factory. Her sister, Hope, is also a dream recipient.

Honey said she found out about The Dream Factory when they granted her sister a dream. Seeing how happy her sister was getting her dream, it started making her think about all other children with illnesses and disabilities and how she wanted to help them get a dream.

“I told my mum that I wanted to help get others their dream so I came up with an idea to do a sponsored walk to school I had so many people supporting me I went on to do a raffle and I haven’t stopped fundraising and have raised over £5000.

“The Dream Factory means so much to me because seeing how happy they made my sister getting her dream meant so much to me but now being made an Ambassador for The Dream Factory I get to help others and see others get their dreams to which is so rewarding. xx”

Isaac MBE

Isaac is a dream recipient and fundraiser. He stars in The Dream Factory’s 2015 DVD.

“Hello, I am Isaac Harvey and I am an ambassador of The Dream Factory.

“I first got involved with the charity when I was granted my dream of being able to go up in a helicopter which was an absolutely amazing experience. Since then I have attended many events for the charity which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have even had the chance of giving back to The Dream Factory when I raised a huge sum of money in my local area as I was the Olympic Torch bearer for the London 2012 Games.

I love the work The Dream Factory does and I am glad to be part of their journey in making dreams come true for the young people who need it.”

In September Isaac was awarded a MBE in the New Year’s Honours List


Aiden is a recipient of a dream. “My dream of seeing  WWW Wrestling was granted in 2011.” He is also a fundraiser, promoting The Dream Factory and staring in our 2015 DVD.


Charity golf days, events and presentations & fundraising.

“I live in  Epping and  love playing football and golf whilst going to the gym in between.  I work as a sales manager for Media 10 at the Grand Design Shows and enjoy working with all my colleagues.

“Dream Factory means a lot to me, as it mainly reminds me of my brother and what he had to go through with his illness! So then it makes me want to do as much has I can to help the other children enjoy what they can!”

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