Message from Aiden’s mum
‘It was amazing thank you so much for helping us make this wish happen. He had the best time and super needed after getting cancer again and the mental affects of 6 weeks in hospital.’

Cannot thank you enough x

A message from Conor’s mum

‘Hi Seema, thanks for arranging the phone for Conor.  Mandy & Kim (Dream Makers)  have just left.
It is actually a better model than what I asked for (it’s the Max), so got a very happy Conor here
Thank you again xxx ‘

Conor's Mum

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A quote from Holly:
‘It was the best football match I’ve  ever been to and would like to thank The Dream Factory for giving me the most incredible experience!
Thank you again from all of us, it was so special.

A message from the family:
‘It was truly magical and the best experience ever…..we loved every moment of it and very previous memories were made! We all had the best time! His favourite was husky riding!
Thank you all so so much for organising such a fabulous and special end of treatment wish.’

A message from Ilians’s mum:

‘Hi Seema and Annabel

I once again just wanted to say a massive thank you for absolutely everything you’ve done for my family! We had the best time and created amazing memories!

We miss Disney!’

Our son Rhys has been blessed by the wonderful work that The Dream Factory do in creating ‘Dreams’ for severally disabled children and young people. Our son Rhys has undergone 16 major operations and has been diagnosed with CHARGE Syndrome that affects 1 child in 15,000 children born and the Dream Factory have been amazing, they’ve come up trumps, in delivering Rhys’ ‘Dream’. Words cannot describe what the Dream Factory have achieved for Rhys and this makes a difference to his every day, and we will always be in your debt, thank you from the bottom of our hearts you truly have made our lives so special and Rhys is so happy that your wonderful Charity have achieved his ‘Dream’ THANK YOU.

Please don’t hesitate to support this amazing Charity, so they can continue supporting more children and young people achieving their ‘Dreams’ and create even more smiles when their ‘Dreams’ come true.

Seán and Marcia

Hello its Luisa I just wanted to say another massive thank you for my wish being granted . This day was a dream day and i would love to give Seema  and The Dream Factory and Chelsea Football Club another huge thank you,  this is much appreciated.

I thought you would like to see some wonderful photos of Tommy showing so much pleasure in  the amazing dishes being  served to him at the Fat Duck  at the weekend. It was truly  a memorable experience for us all that we will remember forever.
Thank you so much to you and  Seema for making this happen.

With our very best wishes
Boczkowski family xxxx

I just wanted to say on behalf of myself and Sam that we had a great day at the Disability Festival yesterday, thank you for making it a special day.

It was lovely to see everyone out and about and the added bonus of fantastic weather made it even better.

Please let me know if you need further help, and I will see what I can do.

Kind regards



Tracey from Haslers Accountants

Aug-23 | Tracey from Hasslers Accountants together with her colleague Sam, who very kindly volunteered to assist us at our stand at The Disability Festival in Wanstead London E 11

Thank you so much for the Devon trip it was exactly what we both needed after the tough time I have had’

A message from Lewis

“ Dear Dream Factory,

I would like to give my deepest thanks to you, this year I was given the worst of my life and it has been extremely hard with some very low points. Surrounding all these negative things in my life there was you who have made this year better but providing me with happiness and excitement, which at one point felt like I was never going to experience again. I would love to give a huge and sincere thank you once again to the whole dream factory team who have my horrible year that bit better.

Thanks, Lewis”

Thanks to the Dream Factory for the PS5 and games. It’s a welcome distraction from the journey I am on. Your support in making these dreams for others like myself is invaluable and without your kind and generous sponsors and staff, life would be pretty gloomy. Thank you so so much.  Harvey

A Message from Alfie’s Mum
‘Hi Seema, just back from our amazing night away making memories that will last forever thanks to all at the dream factory Alfie had the best time and we will be forever grateful for these special memories altogether.  We loved every minute and had an incredible time thank you xxxx’

A message from Lauren’s parents:

‘We just wanted to say, thank you for meeting us yesterday we had the best day ever and are truly grateful to the dream factory for making Lauren’s dream come true. We laughed and joked all day long which was just magical. Xxx’


‘So far it’s been absolutely incredible so far !

I can’t thank you enough for this amazing experience’

Cameron Couch

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