Lauren’s Dream

21 year old Lauren Watson has been diagnosed with Rubinstein Taybi Sundrome. Lauren has very smalls airways so is at a high risk of choking. Lauren’s lungs do not shut properly which results in fluid leaking into her lungs.
Lauren has lived most her life in and of hospital some of her conditions include kidney problems (one kidney is a lot smaller than another), reconstructive knee surgery, loss of eyesight and the syndrome results in the connections to her brain being a lot smaller.
Lauren uses a wheelchair and is fully reliant on her mum who is her carer.
Lauren’s dream was to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter with her Mum and Dad.
The Dream Factory also included spending money and lunch.

Received following today from Lauren’s mum Tia

 A message from Lauren’s parents:
 ‘We just wanted to say, thank you for meeting us yesterday we had the best day ever and are truly grateful to the dream factory for making Lauren’s dream come true. We laughed and joked all day long which was just magical. Xxx’


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