Maisie’s Dream

Maisie, who is 14, has an extremely rare genetic condition that affects her brain. She has had multiple brain surgeries which involved having part of her skull removed to allow more room to cope with the fluid on her brain, and she has lost total vision in one eye. She is also hearing impaired and it’s getting progressively worse due to her syndrome.

Maisie wanted to live the life of a millionaire for the day. We were able to provide this by arranging for her, her mum and her nan to stay in a top class London hotel with fine dining experiences, a visit to the Shard, a theatre box to see her favourite play, afternoon tea, a hairstyle and makeover plus shopping experience in Selfridges.

Maisie’s mum said, “It took us away from the reality of living with Maisie’s rare genetic condition which affects her life massively and for that I can’t thank you enough. She had more than a dream – she has memories that she will hold close to her heart we will have these days etched in our hearts.”

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