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we make dreams come true

Massimo is 4 years old and was born with Cerebral Palsy. When we met him it was very clear that he was a huge Disney fan and that his wish was to go to Disneyland Paris. We were so happy to help make his wish come true , and sent him and his brother on the trip of his dream trip.

https://www.yourdreamfactory.org/fulfilled-dreams/massimos-dream/data/thumbnails1/img_1243.jpg https://www.yourdreamfactory.org/fulfilled-dreams/massimos-dream/data/thumbnails1/img_1252.jpg https://www.yourdreamfactory.org/fulfilled-dreams/massimos-dream/data/thumbnails1/img_1267.jpg https://www.yourdreamfactory.org/fulfilled-dreams/massimos-dream/data/thumbnails1/img_1307.jpg https://www.yourdreamfactory.org/fulfilled-dreams/massimos-dream/data/thumbnails1/img_1255.jpg