Mihajlo’s Dream

Mihajlo, is 21 years old and has been diagnosed with Cancer (Synovial Sarcoma).

Mihajlo is an exceptional young man who came to the UK from Serbia as he was offered a scholarship at Cambridge University. Despite being diagnosed with cancer and unable to attend University he self studied and completed his first year and received the highest standard possible, he is now determined to complete his education.

Mihajlo’s dream was to see the show Hamilton with his sister who was coming to see him from Serbia.The family were picked up by Limousine and taken to London to the production of Hamilton. Mihajlo was able to meet the cast and watch them warm up and  he was presented with a selection of Hamilton goodies.

Once the show was over, Mihajlo met his mum and dad, and together they enjoyed a family meal.

The Dream Factory want to say a big thank to to the cast and team at Hamilton for helping us make Mihajlo’s dream so special. Mihajlo, you are the real star of the show at The Dream Factory!

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