Leah’s Dream From 2018

Leah has recently contacted The Dream Factory about her dream we granted her, back in 2018:

‘Hello! I just wanted to say hello again and again Thank You so so much. You granted me my wish back in 2018 of an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and I’ve used it every single day since except for when I’ve been too poorly in hospital.

It brings me so much joy every day from watching my fave shows and cartoons to drawing and creating works of art and colouring pictures. It even has a communication app on it that allows me to communicate when I can’t talk! I use it for my weekly hospice meeting and my weekly dance class! It opens my world when I’m stuck in bed 99% of the time! I even attended a concert on there!  I literally use it for everything and it brings me so much joy and happiness! It really is the best wish ever! It really does help get me through the bad days and allows me to have good days and wonderful experiences I would be lost without it!

Thank you again so so much I just wanted to tell you what it meant to me.  Especially as the world has been so restricted the past two years, and being so ill and poorly, our world is even more restricted, but the iPad and pencil really does help. You do such a wonderful job keep going.’    From Leah Baylis

Leah we are  so pleased we made your Dream Come True

Thank you

We have received your form. Many thanks.