Our Volunteer Hero Amanda Galanopoulos

Our wonderful Volunteer and Trustee Amanda Galanopoulos is our very well deserved Volunteer Hero of the Week!  Amanda has been so helpful over the years and we want to share her story with you all!

“I had been aware of Avril Mills BEM and The Dream Factory even since they had started – we had been to some of their amazing balls – Avril was bit of a local legend at that time and still is!

It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I really got involved.  The Dream Factory were looking for volunteers and put a plea out on social media.  I saw it and thought why not? I have some spare hours now the kids are at school full time and I’d always admired Avril so thought it would be a good idea.  I replied to the ad and within 10 minutes had Avril on the phone telling me to be in the office at Hainault at 10 the next morning. I put the phone down and thought what happened there!

I met with Avril and the team and was instantly amazed with their passion and love for the Dream Factory – full of drive and enthusiasm and lots of laughter – I was bitten!  I haven’t looked back since.  My first dream visit with Seema is one I will never forget and is a special memory still today, the families we deal with and the young people we support are just so amazing and the fact that they want to give back to the Dream Factory too is just quite incredible.  I’ve made friends and wonderful memories along the way – it’s an incredible experience – and so varied – from the magical Christmas parties to standing manning events tables in the freezing cold is all amazing.

Two years ago, Avril asked me if I would like to become a trustee – I was over the moon – I felt so honoured to be asked and immediately accepted.  It is a role I’m very proud of and honour every day. We are very lucky to have an incredible team of devoted trustees, staff, volunteers, patrons and supporters – everyone’s role is very important and we are very appreciative of all the wonderful people who come and help us at all events and in all weathers!

I would urge you that if you have the time and even had the remotest thought about doing volunteering work try it – its fulfilling, fun, and you get to meet some amazing people and really you don’t know what that difference means to us”!

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