Bethany’s Dream

Seventeen year old Bethany was diagnosed with aplastic anemia a rare but serious blood condition that occurs when your bone marrow cannot make enough new blood cells for your body to work normally.  Bethany has had a bone marrow transplant and has spent long periods of time in hospital.

Bethany’s dream was to go to the 50 Cent concert at the O2 Arena with an overnight stay. The Dream Factory organised VIP tickets to the 50 Cent concert, with a overnight stay, transport and spending money.

A message from Bethany’s mum:

The whole thing was amazing, Beth was so happy, dancing all night!! We have 100s of photos and videos.    The hotel was amazing, everything just went so perfect.   I didn’t realise how much of his music she knew, she was shouting so much her voice started to go by the end of the night.  Thank you so much, for she’s made a whole weekend of happy memories


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