Marshiaa’s Dream

Gorgeous Marshiaa is 6 years old and has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Due to a relapse, Marshiaa has recently had a bone marrow transplant.

Marshiaa and her family have recently moved from temporary to permanent accommodation. Marshiaa’s dream was to have a garden and houseful of toys to share with her siblings.

The Dream Factory created an Amazon wish-list and published it on social media. The public response was amazing and we received £1,400 worth of amazing toys, all of which were wrapped.

We were also kindly donated the following amazing items:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite from Monster-shop
  • An amazing trampoline from Madfun Trampolines which was installed and delivered for free by The Home Delivery Service.
  • A bike from Smyths in Chelmsford which was assembled for free by Halfords.

Unfortunately, once all items had been received, Marshiaa was readmitted into hospital for several weeks and the dream had to be put on hold.

Our amazing volunteers, one of whom is Marshiaa’s nurse, delivered all the toys to Marshiaa and her siblings. The smiles and laughter were amazing and it was truly an emotional day for us all.

Marshiaa, we hope this dream brings endless fun and helps to create many special  memories for you and your family. Your gorgeous smile has found a way into so many people’s hearts.

The Dream Factory would like to thank everyone who purchased a gift off the wish-list, as well as the companies who donated gifts. With help from you we made Marshiaa’s dream come true.  

Thank you

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