Muhammed’s Dream

Muhammed Ameen was diagnosed with left testicular cancer in January 2020. He was quickly referred to Addenbrookes as he was 15 at the time and needed to see a paediatric surgeon.
He had his testicle removed in January and then underwent a three-week course of chemotherapy. He was a trooper. There was no bed for him, so we had to travel from Peterborough every day. We were often there all day. He lost all his hair, felt and looked rough and developed peripheral neuropathy.
Through it all he was stoic, accepting that all he was going through was for the best. He had nucleotide testing, CT scans, MRI and countless blood test and was amazing through it all.
He celebrated his 16th birthday just after he finished his last chemo.
He still has blood tests, CT scans and MRI regularly. He has never once asked why me, and went to school when he felt able, even during his treatment.
Muhammed’s dream was for a PS5 and a virtual headset.
We would like to thank one of our ongoing supporters who generously donated the PS5. Also, many thanks to Tales to Inspire whose book sales raised money to purchase the virtual headset.
Muhammed, we are so privileged to have granted this dream and wish you every success on your journey.

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