Paris’s Dream

Paris Harvey aged 18 and has been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease –
Paris’s dream was to see Billie Eilish in concert with a VIP day out with her family at the O2. Paris wanted to visit the Selfie Factory and Tikky Town to take some fabulous family photos.
Paris wanted to go to Starbucks and Five Guys.
Paris also had a shopping experience at the O2 before attending the concert where she bought trainers, make up and Billie Eilish merchandise.
The struggles Paris faces on a daily basis result in her not being able to leave the house or even continue her education despite desperately wanting to study.
Paris is amazing and bright and full of personality truly one of a kind! To us she is the real star of the show.

The Dream Factory would like to thank Laser Mechanical for donating Billie Eilish tickets on their wonderful suite at the The O2


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