Sophie’s Dream

Sophie is 25 and was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and is currently in remission and she  has been patiently waiting for her amazing dream which was to  go to the Wilderness Festival.
With the help of The  Wilderness Festival and their kind donation of tickets and a stay in their  boutique campsite we were able to make this happen
A Message from Sophie:
‘ When I first got my cancer diagnosis , I had to put on hold or just cancel a lot of plans I had made. One thing I love is going to festivals and I had the personal goal of going to one every year. So when I was well enough to do so and offered a dream from The Dream Factory, I asked for festival tickets!
I received a ticket for myself and my sibling to go including spending money, we were also able to stay in boutique camping which was something I never thought I would be able to do!
Thank you to The Dream Factory and everyone that donated and made it possible to make my dream come true.
I can’t thank you enough.’

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