MacBook Dream

The Dream Factory granted a dream for a MacBook for a very special 25 year old who was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer this is her story.

‘I had been feeling weak for a number of years and over the years I felt myself getting weaker and weaker. Whenever I went to the doctors my blood tests didn’t show much, deficiency in vitamins now and again but nothing too big. I then started to feel it was all inside my head.

In August 2019 my mum told me she could see a lump on my neck and had been looking at it closely I was then diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2019.

I had a operation to remove my thyroid glands in 2019 and the operation was successful. I was told that I had stage 2 cancer however my treatment was put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I have finally completed treatment and hoping that there are no more thyroid cells or cancer cells in my body

I have received my Mac and am so so happy.  Thank you all so much at The Dream Factory for bringing me this joy. ‘

(All names and identities of this dream recipient have been kept confidential due to publicity restrictions)


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