Jacob’s Dream

Jacob Tompkins is a gorgeous 6 year old from Hatfield Perceval, Chelmsford.

Jacob suffered a brain injury after complications at birth and after being resuscitated  at birth for 22 minutes was only given a 1% chance of survival.

Jacob defied all the doctors predictions and now aged 6 he can walk, talk and is a fun loving happy little boy.

Jacob’s dream request first came into us in 2018 and originally Jacob’s dream was to go to Disneyland Paris. The family were booked to go but the trip had to be cancelled due to riots in Paris. The Dream Factory had then booked a second time, this trip was then cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After a discussion Jacob then decided to change his dream and wanted to meet Father Christmas.

The Dream Factory arranged a VIP Lapland UK experience for Jacob and his family.

The family stayed in The wonderful Coppid Beech Hotel where they were transported by Santa’s Party Limo Bus to first spend the day in Windsor where they had lunch in full view of the castle. The were then transported to The magical Lapland UK where they spent time with the elves, made toys in the toy factory, took part in ice skating and got to meet Father Christmas.

When they got back to the hotel Jacob and his brothers found Father Christmas had left them lots of presents which was a complete surprise.

This message from Jacob’s mum Laura sums up the day perfectly:

‘Thank you so much for today I’m sat here in this big room the boys Have only just gone to sleep and I just wanna cry the They has been amazing from start to finish xx’

Jacob you are a true fighter and a real shining star and we are so glad to be have been able to spread the magic of Christmas with you and your family providing you with magic moments to cherish forever!

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