Dreams Fulfilled

Hannah’s Towie Dream

Hannah's TOWIE Dream

A Special Dream

Kosher break to Bournemouth

Hannah’s Dream

A night in The Shard and a trip to Motown the Musical

Serhan’s Dream

Trip to The Lion King

Dylan’s Dream

Trip to Disneyland Paris

Shaan’s Dream

Apple IMac Computer

Madeline’s Dream

Driving Lessons

Abel’s Dream

Apple IMac Computer

Mihajlo’s Dream

VIP Trip to the Theatre

A Special Dream

Bedroom Makeover

Archie’s Dream

VIP Visit to Colchester United FC

Mitchell’s Dream

Visit from his Favourite Superheroes

Mikey’s Dream

Gaming Computer

Ella’s Dream

Meet comedian Sue Perkins

Maisie’s Dream

Millionaire for the Day

Tilly’s Dream

Cruise around the Mediterranean

Tom’s Dream

Visit to Euro Disney

Thomas’s Dream

Wheelchair Swing for the Garden

Richard’s Dream

Swim with the Dolphins

Peter’s Dream

Trip to USA for Brother's Wedding