Dreams Fulfilled

Mohammed’s Dream

Apple iPod and EarPods

January 2022

Samantha’s Dream

Driving Lessons

January 2022

Kinnari’s Dream

Harry Potter World Trip

November 2021

Cianna’s Dream

iPhone & Apple Products

December 2021

Monnay’s Dream

A Trip to Lapland UK

December 2021

Phoebe’s Dream

Specially adapted bike

December 2021

Sophie’s Dream

Samsung Mobile Phone and Beauty Products

November 2020

Jacob’s Dream

VIP Lapland UK Experience

December 2021

Ronnie’s Dream

London Christmas Lights and Shopping Experience

December 2021

Britney’s Dream

Louis Vuitton Handbag

November 2021

Gabrielle’s Dream

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

October 2021

Sheridan’s Dream

Embroidery Machine

October 2021

Alexandru’s Dream

Xbox One Series X Console

September 2021

Jade’s Dream

Laptop with Photoshop Capability

August 2021

Arvin’s Dream

Inflatable Hot Tub

July 2021

Aaron’s Dream

Abba Tribute Band Party

June 2021

Cameron’s Dream

Meet Car Customizer Yiannimize

June 2021

Hollie’s Dream

Princess Party

August 2021

Joseph’s Dream

Personal Tutoring in Japenese and Apple iPad

June 2021

Molli’s Dream

iPhone 11

June 2021

Aistis’s Dream

Samsung Mobile Phone

May 2021

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